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"In the last three years of my lab's long life, Ruby became attached to our channel back chair that was a family heirloom. We of course accommodated her acquisition and she would curl up and sleep for most hours of the day. When she passed away, the chair was really too 'doggy' to keep in the house and so for the past three years it has been in the barn with a destination of a yard sale or Goodwill. But I asked Nancy if she would see if she could save the chair and she did a remarkable job. I love the chair and I love that Nancy saved me from throwing it away. Now Zoey our cat has claimed it as hers although every now and then I get to enjoy Nancy's work with a little glass of wine after a long day."

Jen from Bowdoinham.

"I was so impressed with the beautiful job done by Brunswick Reupholstering on my Martha Washington chair. It had been sitting in water and the legs were stained quite badly. I couldn't believe it was the same chair. Wonderful job!"

Shirley from Brunswick. (before / after)

"My reupholstered chair was just delivered and I wanted to take a moment to comment on the workmanship. Not only was I treated like I was the most important customer, I felt like my opinions were taken into account. I wasn’t entirely sure what I wanted, but Nancy was able to take my little idea and turn it into an amazing piece of work. The attention to the patterns and my personal style was remarkable and gratifying. I truly appreciate the first-class workmanship and finish. I have a feeling this will not be the only piece I take to Brunswick Reupholstering."

Thank you again, Maura from Portland.